Sesame Chicken

Crispy chunks of deep-fried battered chicken in a sweet, sour, and savory glaze packed with sesame flavor.

Chicken Wings

Our chicken wings are made with our secret ingredients. Crispy fried to perfection - you won't want to miss to try this appetizer. Comes in 6 wings.

Crab Rangoon

Crispy wontons stuffed with a juicy and flavorful crab filling.


Welcome to Fortune Cookie Restaurant. Our menu features fresh and authentic Chinese vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine prepared with care and served in a comfortable atmosphere by our friendly staff. We use fresh and high quality ingredients for cooking, all made from scratch.


Restaurant Hours

Monday – Friday:  11 am – 3 pm

Monday  – Thursday:  3 pm – 10 pm
Friday:  3 pm – 11 pm
Saturday:   4:30 pm -11 pm
Sunday:  12 pm – 10 pm

Sunday Lunch Buffet:  12 pm – 2:30 pm